SH Brick Supplies is a Wholesale Supplier of PGH Bricks:


  • Small & Medium Builders,
  • Owner Builders and Renovators,
  • Whether you are building a full house, granny flat, extensions or additions.
  • Call 0407 076 441 – For Todays Best Rates

Brick Types:

  • Extruded “Common” Bricks – Wirecut / Scratchcoat / Smooth Face.
  • Extruded “Face” Bricks – heaps of variety in texture and colors go to…. or click this link
  • PGH Website
  • Mixed Commons 2nds – These are Ex-Extruded Face Bricks that have been downgraded to Commons due to a manufacturing fault. Best used for non-structural jobs like Fences, Garden Walls etc.
  • Large Jobs catered for – ring or email for pricing over 25,000 bricks.

Brick Colors:

Click the link below to the PGH website to choose your brick. PGH Website

  • CALL 0407 076 441 – FOR TODAYS BEST RATES

Sydney Delivery:

  • We deliver into Sydney Metro, Southern Highlands & Illawarra.
  • Minimum delivery is one  (1) pallet of bricks due to safety requirements.
  • Delivery of less then three pallets incurs a delivery surcharge.
Recent Customer Reviews:

“I was surprised at the prices, so much cheaper then retail” Jimmy W.

“I would like to say “thank you” for your advice in saving me hundreds of dollars on my brick choice” Helen C.

“Well done, delivered on-time and at the best price I could find” Jonathan A.